The Law On E-Cigarettes Just Changed – Here’s What It Means

The law on e-cigarettes and vaping just changed in Britain – with adverts disappearing, packaging changing, and some products vanishing.

It’s all part of the EU Tobacco Products Directive – which also means that 10-packs of cigarettes are going to vanish from today.

E-cigarette smokers may find that some products have changed – or vanished.

For instance, the maximum size of refill containers is now 10ml, meaning that large refills are no longer on sale.

Likewise, cartridges or tanks can no longer exceed 2ml – and high-strength e-liquids at 24ml (which some smokers use to transition from tobacco, according to Cig Electric) will no longer be on sale.

It’s also likely that the number of flavours on sale will drop, as manufacturers will now have to tell the Government about ingredients, and ensure that they meet safety standards.

This may dissuade manufacturers from trying out new flavours as it could be a costly process.

From today, e-cigarette advertising will be banned on TV, in magazines and on the internet – but you might still see it on buses.

Packets will also carry a large warning saying, ‘‘This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance’, on both the front and backs of packs.

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The Law On E-Cigarettes Is Changing

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